Akmey and your data

What data Akmey collect?

User data
These data are personal and under your control.
Name, e-mail and hashed password
We collect this data to identify you when you register, you can change it.
Account creation time / Last access time
This data allows us, for security reasons, to guarantee the integrity of your account.
SSH public keys
Your keys: the ones you add on our website or via the SSH server.
The teams you created, the membership of teams.
Server logs
Access to Akmey is logged.
Your IP is saved.
Your request (URL, User-Agent & Referer)
Log rotation
The logs are kept for a maximum of 1 year.
Error logs
Errors logs are transmitted to a Sentry server for analysis.

That's it ! We don't collect anything else, we don't process your data in analytics, we don't sell it to advertisers, none of that.

Use only an Akmey server you trust!
We cannot guarantee that the server on which you register is secure and respects your data. Check the integrity of the host before registering. Akmey developers cannot be held responsible if data is found to violate this privacy or security policy.